Clean Freak Cleaning Service keeps things neat.

Good professional cleaning services are hard to come by these days, but you don’t have to sweat it if Clean Freak Cleaning Service is working for you. We ensure that our clients get the highest quality cleaning because we pride ourselves in making your space look as good as new. No need to get involved with the other guys, our top-notch janitorial services will keep your commercial building looking great clean after clean.

We’ll get the mess and clutter out so you can run your business in a clean and healthy environment. Let us take out the trash, dust, and even clean the lavatories so that you and the company you keep are comfortable.

Have a break room in your office building? We can do that. Our team does the cleaning and maintenance so that everyone can enjoy their coffee or lunch breaks without the slime and grime.

Did you just move into a new office? We do pre and post office move in cleanings so that you don’t have to spend your time cleaning the previous owner’s mess or spend all that energy cleaning after you just moved in.

Our team of professionals pay attention to the details and clean your space the way you like it. Need your lobby cleaned? We do that. Need the windows washed and the floors vacuumed? We do that too. We make it a priority that everything is nice and tidy so you can concentrate on your work when you are at work.

If you need quality cleaning services from pros, look no further than Clean Freak Cleaning Service. We’re looking forward to making your commercial space look tip-top. Our janitorial staff is experienced and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

And hey our company is licensed, bonded, AND insured so you can trust that we’ll be nothing but the best.

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